Flagstaff, AZ School Info


Links to The Local schools, colleges & universities:
Northern Arizona University
nau.edu, Coconino Community College coconino.edu,
Flagstaff Unified Schools FUSD1.org

Basis Flagstaff basisflagstaff.org

Northland Preparatory Academy northlandprep.org

Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy flagarts.com

Flagstaff Junior Academy fjacademy.com

Mountain School .mountaincharterschool.com

Haven Monessori havenmontessori.org

Pine Forest pineforestschool.org

Flagstaff Community Christian School fccsonline.org/wordpress

Map Dates are from the last time they changed the boundaries:

Flagstaff Elementary School's Bondary Map

Flagstaff High/Middle School's Boundary Map

School Ratings & 3rd party Info:



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