Village Land Shoppe is your local, family-owned Flagstaff Real Estate Agency. Since 1988, our top agent and Realtors have been helping people with their real estate needs. If you are buying a home or selling a property in Northern Arizona, our Realtor are knowledgeable, experience and honest. We list and sell everything from luxury homes to condos/townhomes to rentals to and manufactured home (typically with lot) and lot to acreage/larger parcels. Are you a first-time home buyer? We will help you navigate the entire process. Are you an investor? We can help manage your properties with our Property Management division as well as help you improve your portfolio of rentals. We want what’s best for you. For the best Realtors/agents and top producers in Flagstaff, skip the FRANCHISES & GO WHERE THE LOCALS GO!

Some things to think about when choosing a Realtor/FAQs

  1. Realtor Experience: Having an experience professional is key. We have hundred of years combined experience. We have been in business since 1988 and our Broker licensed since 1998. We have the knowledge to guide you through the complicated process of buying and selling real estate.
  2. Best neighborhoods: Flagstaff has the best neighborhoods in Arizona! We can help you find or sell a home in any of these wonderful neighborhoods. We have the tools to help you pick the right spot for you.
  3. How accurate are Zillow estimates and other internet E-values/AVMs?: While these can be great market indicators, the values are sometimes way off. These can give a ballpark. However, there are a lot of things these don’t factor in. While these values can be spot on in a condo, townhome or master planned community. Other areas with homes built in different decades over the past 30-50 years is going to have a lot more unique homes as well as different types. These things will all factor in. Your Village Land Shoppe Realtor will be able to help go through all this data more accurately.
  4. Buying vs building a house: What can be better than getting everything on your list? There are some important things to consider when going to build. A new build can take 6 months to a year to build and that’s if the lots ready now. We also have a lot of weather delays to include. Its also a very stressful process unless equipped with the right info or buying a spec/or picking from a handful of options. It can be a very rewarding option or lots of stress. All options to consider when buying existing. Don’t fear, we are here to help!
  5. Real estate housing market: Market trends can change from week to week or month to month. Don’t rely on what you have heard. Use a Realtor that can help educate you so that you may make educated offers as well as letting you know all options to give the tools to set your offer apart for success in bidding wars. We can also help with industry professionals for your specific needs, the properties needs as well as service professionals and inspectors.
  6. How to find a Realtor: Sometimes the best option is to ask a friend or family member for a Realtor referral. Sometimes its doing your own research. Whichever way you find one. Make sure they are knowledgeable, honest, put your needs above others, friendly and will give you the best opportunity to make a great real estate investment.
  7. Closing costs: These are confusing. Who pays what closing costs, who can pay what and what’s typical in a transaction – We will help you understand and every real estate deal can be different an we can help.
  8. How to buy a house with no money/little money: Absolutely no money down isn’t a thing. You will need something. Veterans with VA loans is the closet thing but you should still inspect the home, put a good faith earnest deposit down among other things your Realtor will help with. There are some programs out there that come and go in which we can put your into contact with a knowledgeable lender to get you in with as little down as possible if needed. There are several different loan types and potential options. We will help you understand these and put you in place with a great loan officer.
  9. Do open houses work?: This one can be debated on and on. The bottom line is it helps us create a buzz around your home. The more buzz we generate for a seller, the more potential money they walk away with.
  10. Real estate photography: How many times have you been online looking at bad photos? Dark, blurry, doesn’t show home? We use top notch professional photographers, videographers, virtual tour providers and drone pilots. If your property is presentable, we will market it from day one with only the best images, tours and videos possible.

Our professionals are the best in town. Year after year, decade after decade, on average, we sell more per agent than other firms. We can’t give out all our secrets here, contact us today to get a No commitment, free consultation.


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