Billie McGraw

Billie McGraw
Associate Broker
"Quick Draw McGraw"


Meeting the needs of others is Billie McGraw’s specialty! Billie is passionate about the success of YOUR real estate transaction and will be there for you every step of the way with unparalleled customer service. In addition to her interest in the Flagstaff real estate market, for over a decade Billie has enthusiastically donated her time to the Flagstaff community through her local church and by serving as president of the Sinagua Middle School PTO, Vice President of Northern Arizona Heroes Club, board member of the Northern Arizona Women's Retreat, and as a member of Women Empowering Northern Arizona. Billie is the office manager for the Milton branch of Village Land Shoppe, a well respected local company that has been serving Flagstaff for 31 years. If you want superior service contact Billie today - you’ll be so glad you did!  Visit me on the web: billiemcgraw.com Email: billie@billiemcgraw.com Cell: 928-699-4513

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