Village Land Shoppe Kachina Village & Mountainaire Community Yard Sale

Village Land Shoppe's 30th Annual Kachina Village & Mountainaire Yard Sale Tour.  

Saturday, June 8, 2024 from 8:00 a.m.(ish)  untill when your done (12pm, 1pm, 4pm? up to you, we say noon but people are still out shopping but some sales want to end at noon). No charge to participants. Sales are held at the individuals homes throughout the Kachina Village and Mountainaire.  

Our office will be providing maps and lists yard sale locations with type of items being sold on the day of the sale or check back here the night before. Office location- 3361 Kachina Trail, Flagstaff, AZ For More information call (928) 525-1125 Everyone is invited to come and share the fun! Sign up below and is for Kachina Village & Mountainaire Area residents only. 

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