Walnut Creek Meadows

A new, well appointed 50 lot subdivision that offers you all the

A new, well appointed 50 lot subdivision that offers you all the amenities you’ve come to love & expect. Set in Northern Arizona’s high country is Walnut Creek Meadows. 50 beautiful home sights consisting of (43) 2.5 acre and (7) 5 & 6 acre lots and developed on the last 150+ acre parcel ever homesteaded here in Flagstaff, back in the early 1900s. Walnut Creek Meadows is surrounded by high country pastureland, magnificent mountain views, pine trees, wildlife, and fresh air. Making Walnut Creek Meadows a great place to call home. MORE INFO https://walnutcreekmeadows.com/

Videos & Photo: https://walnutcreekmeadows.com/the-views/  

 Walnut Creek Meadows offers a plethora of amenities. Walnut Creek Meadows, just minutes from downtown Flagstaff! Nestled in a prime location, offers the perfect balance of convenience and natural beauty. Situated only moments away from downtown Flagstaff, this thoughtfully designed subdivision boasts a secured gated entry, paved roads and streets, and mesmerizing views that will take your breath away! 

  • DONEY PARK WATER SERVICE Doney Park Water is a public service corporation and member-owned cooperative regulated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). DPW is a not-for-profit utility organization serving a 44 square mile area northeast of Flagstaff. They currently provide water to over 3,600 households and businesses. Doney Park Water can demonstrate the criteria for adequacy designation and has done so for over 35 years. For more information, visit their web site at doneyparkwater.com or call 928-526-1080. 
  • PAVED ROADS AND STREETS The subdivision features well-maintained paved roads and streets, ensuring smooth and safe transportation (HOA maintained). 
  • SECURE GATED ENTRY The subdivision offers a secure gated entry, providing residents with an added layer of safety and privacy. 
  • UNISOURCE NATURAL GAS Residents have access to Unisource Natural Gas, providing a reliable and convenient energy source for heating and cooking. 
  • LOTS QUALIFY FOR STANDARD SEPTIC The lots in the subdivision are designed to meet the requirements for standard septic systems, facilitating efficient waste management (immense money saver). 
  • UNDERGROUND ELECTRICAL SERVICE The electrical service in the subdivision is provided by APS, with underground infrastructure that enhances safety and aesthetics. 
  • RECYCLE & TRASH PICK-UP Residents have access to convenient recycle and trash pick-up services, promoting environmental sustainability and cleanliness within the subdivision. 
  • STREET LIGHTING THROUGHOUT The streets in the subdivision are equipped with lighting, ensuring visibility and security during the night. 
  • SECURE/LIGHTED MAILBOX AREA Residents have access to a secure and well-lit mailbox area, ensuring the safety of their mail and packages. 
  • “FIREWISE CONSTRUCTION” The subdivision employs firewise construction techniques, reducing the risk of fire and increasing overall safety for the residents. 
  • EMERGENCY ENTRANCE / EXIT The subdivision has an emergency entrance/exit, enabling quick and efficient access for emergency vehicles if needed.


  • Only minutes from Flagstaff via 1-40 
  • HOA maintained streets 
  • Direct access to National Forest 
  • HOA and CC&R’s 
  • Remarkable views 
  • Walking Trail along Meadows Dr. 
  • Many lots border The Coconino National Forest 
  • Horse privileges on select lots 
  • Nearby hiking and riding trails 
  • Great spacious building sites
  • Year around recreation


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