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Matea Burleson
My name is Matea Burleson and it would be an honor to be your real estate agent. I have always admired Northern Arizona and was blessed to receive the opportunity to call it home 2 years ago. I enjoy being creative and thinking out of the box to get things done! On my free time, I find joy in spending time with my community, family, and friends. Outside of work, you could find me on hiking trails, downtown, or at my favorite coffee shop, Campus Coffee Bean! 
I decided to start a career in Real Estate because I believe individuals deserve the highest degree of care and attention when making a big life decision, like buying or selling their home. I vow to walk with all my clients every step of the way, with compassion. It's a pleasure to use my expertise to serve the Flagstaff community. Call me today and let's achieve all your Real Estate goals! matea@mateaburleson.com - 623-800-5390


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