Jakob Lasiewicki

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Jakob Lasiewicki
  I understand how important it is that you choose the best realtor to guide you through any real estate transaction, which is why my objective is for you to say that I exceeded your expectations. I am committed to nothing but excellence for my clients. Whether you're buying or selling my main focus is on your life, goals, and dreams. This desire to help you succeed is what defines me as your advocate; someone driven by an unrelenting force to provide you outstanding customer service, with attention to detail, and expertise to accomplish fast and favorable results. Being born and raised in Flagstaff, I am able to help you find some of the best hidden treasures available. I would love for nothing more than to be your trusted real estate adviser for life, to be someone who is a dependable expert and powerful proponent for you throughout the process.
Cell: 928-814-3577 email: jakob.lasiewicki@yahoo.com

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