Gabriele Gerlach

Gabriele Gerlach
Wir sprechen Deutsch

Gabriele Gerlach has been a Flagstaff resident since 1998. She specializes in residential properties including seasonal, income and undeveloped acreage in Flagstaff, Arizona and its surrounding areas. Having been a business operator for 22 years, she is not afraid to work hard to make your dreams come true.
She understands the importance of client service, integrity and client loyalty. She also speaks and writes fluent German. Her knowledge of the local real estate market and ability to negotiate in her clients best interests have made her a "Multi-Million Dollar Producer".
Gabriele is ready to go to work for you!! Visit me on the web: YourFlagstaffHomes.com Email: gabrielegerlach@hotmail.com Cell: 928-853-5574

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