Andrea Kellar

Andrea Kellar

Andrea Kellar is an Arizona native and has lived in Flagstaff since 2003.  She and her husband, Rob, have four beautiful daughters, which makes for a fun and, sometimes, very loud household.  Enjoying Flagstaff and it’s many wonderful features is a favorite pastime of the Kellar family; including hanging out downtown, skiing at Snowbowl, eating at all of the crazy-good restaurants (it’s hard to pick a favorite), or exploring the beautiful outdoors of Northern Arizona.  She is passionate about serving others and has been a volunteer at her local church, Northern Arizona Young Life, Flagstaff Family Food Center/Food Bank and Kitchen, MOPS, and local Flagstaff schools.


 Andrea's desire is to work hard for you throughout your entire Real Estate experience to ensure all of your goals are met.  Whether you are looking for that perfect house which you can someday call home, or needing to sell your existing home, she is committed to making your dreams become a reality.  Contact today at (928) 600-6772 or via email at andrea@andreakellar.com


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