Alexa Sanders

Alexa Sanders
Realtor/Property Manager

Alexa Sanders

Real Estate Agent & Property Managert

🏡 Location: Flagstaff, AZ 🌟 Top Rated Real Estate Professional

Alexa is passionate about helping clients find their dream homes. With extensive knowledge of the local market, she provides personalized service and expert guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

Why Choose Alexa Sanders?

  • Experience: Alexa has been in the real estate industry for several years, gaining valuable insights and building strong relationships.
  • Client-Centric Approach: She listens to her clients’ needs and tailors her services accordingly.
  • Market Expertise: Alexa stays up-to-date with market trends, ensuring clients make informed decisions.
  • Negotiation Skills: Whether you’re buying or selling, Alexa is a skilled negotiator who works tirelessly to get the best deal for her clients.
  • Property Management: Alexa started in real estate as a property manager and has many years of experience. Alexa continues to manage rentals and is excited to help you find your new investment property and help by managing your home.
  • Verteran: Alexa is a retired Veteran with the US NAVY
  • alexasandersaz@gmail.com or 928.225.5002



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