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Garage Term
3232 Toho Trail Kachina Village $1,750 Furnished 2bd/2ba Now H D     April 30, 2019
3008 Hotevilla Kachina Village $1,800 3bd/2bth Now H NO   YES Annual
2220 Linmar  Flagstaff $1,500 3bd/2bth August 1st  T D   Yes Annual
3993 Marie Flagstaff $1,400 3bd/2bth August 1st  M NO     Annual
2740 Turtle Creek Kachina Village $2,000 4 bd/3 bth August 1st  H D   YES Annual
2395 Tishepi Kachina Village $1,350 3 bd/2 bth July 10th M NO     Annual
2200 E. Dortha # U Flagstaff $1,200 2 bed/1 1/2 bth August 1st C NO WST   Annual
2340 Whispering Pines Flagstaff $1,950 Furnished 3 bed/3bth Now T NO   YES Ask
2136 Tovar Trail Kachina Village $1,300 2bd/2 bth August 1st  M NO     Annual
501 W. Santa Fe # 20 Flagstaff $1,200 2bd/2 bth August 1st T NO     Annual
3232 Toho Kachina Village $1,750 Furnished2bd/2 bth, + loft Now H D     4/30/2019
NOTE- * means ooccupied units, CANNOT SHOW until date noted


For more information on homes for rent in Flagstaff call Brian Guy, Property Manager, 928-853-7386 - brianguypmvls@gmail.com 


You can email, mail or fax


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Application fee:There is a $75.00 non-refundable processing fee per applicant, over the age of 18, which is due at the time of application submittal. If pets are accepted, an additional fee may be required. Assistive animals are always welcome. No smoking allowed inside our rentals or in a dangerous manor outside.

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