Katannya Hartwell

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Katanny Hartwell

With over 14 years of Business Ownership, Management, and Public Service to develop her Customer Service Skills along with her fierce commitment to achieve the best for her clients, Katannya provides exceptional Real Estate Services. “I know that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest investment decisions in life. There are many little things that make a big difference in the realization of that goal. I look forward to negotiating a great deal for you!”

Katannya has spent the last 8 years living and learning about Flagstaff. From snowboarding, hiking, and rock-climbing to Fourth of July parades and First Friday Art Walks. She has a great appreciation for the Flagstaff community. Katannya taught in private and charter education while her 4 children were in school. Being in schools gave her a deep understanding of the importance of volunteers. Many of her volunteer activities have been for schools and with churches.

Katannya is available evenings and weekends as well as normal business hours. Mobile: (928) 310-5259 Web: https://www.livetheflagstafflife.com/ Email: katannyahartwell@gmail.com Facebook: @katannyahart


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