Shelly Dalmolin

Shelly Dalmolin

Shelly Dalmolin is an energetic Realtor that wants to share her fresh & new ideas  with you on selling your home. She is driven by her creative personality and resourceful knowledge to help you to make the right investment. She has 14 years of useful information and experience in owning and managing long term and short-term vacation rental properties.  Did you know that buying a home is the most secure investment you'll ever make? Real Estate cannot be lost, stolen, or carried away. Real Estate is an investment for you and your future. Purchasing a home provides you the Highest Returns, the Greatest Value, and the Lease Risk!!

 Shelly believes that communication is KEY!!!  She strives to make your experience both enjoyable and smooth sailing. She encourages questions to make sure you understand the whole process. She is always open to your ideas and suggestions. She is here to support and represent you till the end and after. 

Shelly loves her family and her community.  She enjoys offering her time to local youth athletics, H4 Clubs, and animal rescues. With a veteran husband, she is a huge supporter to all active and veteran soldiers.  In her spare time, she and her family love exploring the great outdoors and taking care of her homestead. Shelly believes in working together for one common goal and succeeding, That's Success!!!

“When I make my clients smile that's when I know I have succeeded!!” 

Cell: 928-607-4020 Email: shellyanndalmolin@gmail.com

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